Adult Heart for Medical Imaging

Starting Price $6,400.00

Adult Heart Phantom is a realistic simulator of human heart that is anatomically correct and compatible with ultrasound, X-RAT CT, and MRI. This product has wide range of applications as it has potential to support beating functionality.

Ultrasound navigated endoscopy, electrophysiology procedures, catheter insertion under ultrasound probe and other research & development based applications.



Adult Heart Phantom is a realistic simulator of a healthy-adult human heart. The phantom is anatomically correct & compatible with ultrasound, X-RAT/CT, and MRI. This product has a wide range of applications as it also has the potential to support beating functionality and generate life-like motions. Some of its uses and applications include transesophageal and transthoracic echocardiograms, ultrasound-navigated endoscopies, catheter insertion under ultrasound probes, and other cardio-based research & development studies.

True Phantom Solutions designs and creates bio-medical phantoms that are ultrasound, MRI, and CT compatible. We use patented synthetic material to create life-like phantoms that mimic the acoustical, physical, and mechanical properties of real biological tissues. Using 3D printing technology and synthetic material, the phantoms are made to be an exact model of anatomical structures. The phantoms are fully customizable and able to suit any bio-medical project.

Upon special request, the geometry and dimensions of the feature and its properties can be customized based on the requirements of any particular project.

The picture represents the phantom/model without a water tank. The water tank helps researchers to mount the heart and obtain an enhanced view of the internal structures.


Features (included in price): New Features (included in price):
  • 2 Atria, 2 Ventricles
  • 4 valves
  • Appendage feature
  • SVC
  • Aorta
  • Vena cava
  • Pulmonic and pulmonary veins attached to LA
  • Flexible valvular structures
  • Right Ventricle:
    – Moderator Band that runs from the anterior wall to the septum (bridge).
  • Left Ventricle:
    – papillary muscles to the anterior & posterior walls  
  • Right Atrium:
    – Right atrial appendage with distinct muscle structures 
  • Left Atrium:
    – Unique muscle structure to the appendage of the left atrium
Implementing motion to the heart (Optional): Implementing additional features to the heart (Optional):
  • Beating heart model with cyclic motion of the heart walls based on a mechanical pump
  • System installed on a plex glass
  • Chambers fillable with water without air pockets
  • Adjustable heart rate
    (0 BPM-140 BPM)
  • Hysteresis in motion (diastole and systole of the cardiac cycle)
  • Asymmetrical displacement of the heart chambers
  • Complete system installed on a plex glass
  • Controlled pressure wave in the left atrium heart chamber
  • Realistic pressure pulses in left atrium
  • Pressure wave simplified to sinus wave
  • Control to change the pressure
  • Heating Chamber to achieve realistic temperatures
  • Pressurized heating chamber
  • Regulator unit
  • Major Accommodating Tube



Design and anatomy of the heart chambers and valves:

Heart Phantom installed in our water reservoir (Water tank is optional):

Heart Phantom installed in our Adult Human Torso for advanced R&D (Torso is optional):

Set-up images of the heart installed in a water tank (Water tank is optional):

Images of the heart:


Type of the tissues: Sound velocity [m/s] Density
[Shore 00]
Speckles Attenuation measured
at 2.25 MHz [dB/cm]
Heart Tissue 1400 ± 10 1.02 60 30 (at 0.35 T) YES 1.7 ± 0.2



Adult Heart Phantom Pump (prototype) Adult Heart Phantom (in motion)