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Brain Lab Head Phantom

Head Phantom - The image shows native 3D XRay dataset and reconstructed 3D-views of the vessel phantom filled with barium sulfate based contrast agent. - Upper left: Native dataset (3D XRay scan, axial), vessels visible in white - Upper right: 3D reconstruction, vessels visible in red (automatically reconstructed vessel tree)

Head Phantom - CT Scan

Head Phantom - The CT scan of the head phantom. The phantom visible on the scan was built with realstic skull and blodd vessels. The brain mimicking material is not distinguishalbe on CT in this particular phantom. Upon special request the brain can be customzied to be visible on the CT scan as well.

Exposed Skull and Cylindrical

CT image of an adult Skull Phantom. The phantom is fabricated based on the average anatomy of an adult male skull it has three layered bone structure (cortical outer and inner layers and diploe layer between). The cranium is filled with a standard homogeneous brain mimicking material.

Exposed Skull and Cylindrical

Exposed Skull and Cylindrical phantom - A CT image of two phantoms: skull with an exposed brain and the cylindrical phantom. Please note that there are no internal structures implemented in the brain.

Exposed Skull and Cylindrical

The given collage is an imaging quality comparison of a real human skull cadaver and True Phantom's patented skull. The quality test was performed on a 2-D X-ray machine at energy level 72 keV while compared to an aluminum step calibration wedge. All pictures were taken on top of a copper plate simulating soft tissue grayscale. This image was taken by "GE OEC 9900 Elite" machine.


Exposed Skull and Cylindrical

MRI FLAIR image of the brain phantom with the following structures:
1. Grey Matter
2. White Matter
3. Ventricles

Brain Phntom

Brain Phantom - The T2 weighted MRI image of a simple brain phantom with two major brain tissues: white and grey matter. The darker tissue is the white matter. The brighter one is the grey matter.

Brain Sagittal View

Ultrasound image of an artificial tumor (the bright structure) implemented in our Standard Brain Phantom. The image was taken with a linear US 5-10 MHz probe.

Newborn Head

Newborn head for ultrasound training - The images show coronal and sagittal views of the newborn brain. The following structures can be see on the images: falx cerebri, corpus callosum, ventricles, thalamus, caudate, putamen. Please note that the US scan was taken using a linear probe.